About KC8 Capture Technologies

Our vision is to become the global leader in CO2 capture techniques


Company Overview

KC8 Capture Technologies Ltd (KC8), previously known as UNO Technology Pty Ltd, is committed to making a difference by lowering greenhouse gas emissions around the world. Our technology will reduce the impact of anthropogenic climate change to ensure a better future for generations to come.

Our belief is that this growing global issue requires a balanced solution to lowering emissions for all sectors – energy and industrial alike. The full range of emissions reduction tools will be required including energy efficiency, renewable, nuclear, lower carbon intensity fuel and Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage (CCUS). KC8 Technologies is at the forefront of the CCUS industry and, along with major groups such as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), envision CCUS will form an important part of reducing the global emissions of CO2. Our team continues to develop a range of intellectual property that will contribute to lower the cost of capture, in turn enhancing and accelerating CCUS as a leading greenhouse gas mitigation tool.


Board & Management

Barry Hooper

Executive Director & Chief Technical Officer

Mr Hooper is the founder of UNO Technology Pty Ltd which has provided the technology backbone of KC8 Capture Technologies Ltd. He was the Chief Technologist of the CO2CRC involved in all aspects of CCS with a specific focus on carbon capture. He has been involved in CCS for close to 20 years. Prior to this, Barry was the Corporate Engineering and Manufacturing Manager of Orica.

Greg Ross

Executive Director

Mr Ross has over 25 years’ experience in senior executive roles in project engineering, manufacturing and product development. He has worked in various locations in the USA, Europe, Malaysia and Australia. He has a background in the management of large engineering and fabrication enterprises focusing on the design and manufacture of cryogenic and gas processing equipment as well as subsea oil and gas production technology. In the USA he oversaw the development of novel separation technology through to commercialization for global applications. More recently he was Country Manager for an international engineering and project execution company and was responsible for the regional sales and marketing for major projects through out Australia and South East Asia.

Emma Waldon

Company Secretary

Ms Waldon has diverse accounting, capital markets and corporate governance experience in Australia and the UK and is currently Company Secretary of EMVision Medical Devices Ltd (ASX:EMV), Argenica Therapeutics Ltd (ASX: AGN) and a number of unlisted companies. Emma was formerly Company Secretary of Hazer Group Limited (ASX:HZR).


Our History

The KC8 Capture Technologies (KC8) team have a diverse background in the chemical and processing industries that has allowed us to take a new approach to the carbon capture problem. For over two decades we have sought to learn from previous, and sometimes superseded, technologies to define a new paradigm for capture cost reduction. The result is the lowest energy pathway for CO2 removal available today.

From the outset, cost reduction has been the driving force behind our capture research. Capture cost reduction requires a broader perspective than just considering the capture process. Consequently, KC8 has continued to identify and develop technologies and Intellectual Property across the three cost reduction themes;

  • Process – the use and regeneration of high efficiency solvents
  • Specially designed equipment – unique, lower cost designs that enhance the process.
  • Process and heat integration – maximising the full benefits of the technology across different industry applications

KC8 is unique in its development and patenting of capture cost reduction solutions across these themes.

In the first decade of research KC8’s developments underwent substantial laboratory testing, pilot plant demonstrations, scale up and engineering design studies to identify and confirm opportunities for the business. These opportunities reinforced our positioning to be highly competitive in the global capture market.

Over the last 8 years, KC8 has continued to advance the commercialisation potential of its technology suite, growing the breadth and depth of patents and IP. In doing so, KC8 now holds over 48 patents for this and related technologies in 11 countries.



UNO Technology patent portfolio begins under the direction of Barry Hooper.

Initial patent for UNO Technologies research is lodged.

UNO Technologies continues to process and file further patents based on initial research findings.

Patents in Australia, US, Canada and India are lodged based on  UNO Technologies research.

UNO Technologies Pty Ltd founded by Mr Barry Hooper.

The Kyoto Protocol is signed for a 5% reduction in emissions as a way to control the main anthropogenic (human-emitted) greenhouse gases (GHGs).

The Paris Agreement is a legally binding international treaty, signed to limit global warming to 2 degrees celsius.

Australia confirms it's plans to achieve a 28% reduction in emissions by 2030.

KC8 Capture Technologies acquires UNO Technologies.

The Australian Government announces plans to reach net zero emissions by 2050.

Technology Expertise

KC8 is supported by a panel of dedicated individuals who bring a wealth of technological expertise covering years of scientific research, design engineering and manufacturing/operations experience. This knowledge and experience draws from the chemical processing industries, CCUS industry and more specifically KC8 Capture Technologies intellectual property.

Assoc. Prof. Barry Hooper

Barry Hooper has over 40 years’ experience in design, operations and management roles in the chemical processing and CCS industries. He was formerly the Chief Technologist at CO2CRC from 2003 to 2014.

Prof. Paul Webley

Paul Webley is a Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at Monash University and is the Director of the Woodside Monash Energy Partnership. He is a carbon capture expert specialising in adsorption systems.

Prof. Geoff Stevens

Geoff Stevens is an Emeritus Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and a Director of the Peter Cook Centre for CCE Research based at the University of Melbourne.

Assoc. Prof. Andrew Hoadley

Andrew  Hoadley is an Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering at Monash University. He is a leader at Monash in Chemical Engineering Design, with research interests in process integration and multi-objective optimisation.

Dr Trent Harkin

Trent Harkin is a Principal Process Engineer focusing on engineering development and process integration. He has 20 years’ experience in research, design and operations in the oil and gas, petrochemicals and CCS industries.

Dr Craig Osborne

Craig Osborne is a senior process engineer with experience in research and process operation with Orica.  He has a double degree in chemical engineering and chemistry and a PhD in biochemical engineering. He has worked on CCS and KC8 technologies in the power and industrial sectors.