Process and Heat Integration

Operating cost reduction 

KC8 Capture Technologies realised a longtime ago that part of the secret to the success of commercially viable carbon capture installations was optimum process and heat integration tailored to each industrial plant. Our unique process integration is a multi-objective optimisation and energy targeting methodology that incorporates the multiple energy sources and process streams available in each location.   

Our propriety software suite for use in all Carbon Capture Utilisation and storage (CCUS) applications will provide the optimum balance between the CAPEX and OPEX of each location. It is a powerful tool for optimising the energy usage and economic performance of retrofitted and new build processes with CCUS. 


The benefits of process and heat integration include: 

  • A holistic optimisation of the heat and material balances the entire system. This includes the process/power plant, the capture plant and CO2 compression and delivery. 
  • This process utilises a thermodynamically rigorous technique to determine the optimal performance, which is tailored to suit its key performance indicators.  
  • Cost saving through reduction in parasitic power losses, cost of capture and cost of electricity in power application. 
  • Provides assistance to quickly screen CO2 capture technology options 
  • It can work in conjunction with any simulation tool such as ASPEN Plus, HYSYS or PRO II