KC8 Capture Technologies

Making carbon capture affordable and sustainable for a greener global future


Towards a carbon neutral future

KC8 Capture Technologies is commercialising industry leading carbon capture technology that provides an affordable pathway to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the use of fossil fuels and heavy industries around the world.

About KC8 Capture Technologies


Our team has over 20 years experience in the chemical and processing industries, allowing KC8 to develop new approaches to the global carbon capture problem. Utilising knowledge gained from well proven technologies, we have developed new approaches to carbon capture cost reduction.

The KC8 technologies have been driven by a focus on capture cost reduction; through the process we use, the equipment we design and the process integration we employ with our clients. This has resulted in the safest and most tolerant solvent displaying the lowest energy pathway for CO2 removal available in today’s market.


An Affordable Carbon Capture Solution

The carbon price continues to increase each year. Large CO2 emitters have a unique opportunity to utilise the KC8 low cost and low environmental impact capture process to meet their green initiatives at a significantly lower operating cost today.

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