KC8 Capture Technologies based at the National Carbon Capture Center in Alabama

The National Carbon Capture Center (NCCC) is a neutral research facility based in Alabama, in the United States (US), and it is working to accelerate the commercialisation of advanced technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Since being awarded funding through a Department of Energy (DoE) grant in 2022, KC8 has been listed as a Carbon Capture Developer Technology on the NCCC website.  


What is the National Carbon Capture Center? 

The NCCC was created by the DoE in 2009 as the cornerstone of US innovation in research and development of cost-effective and technically viable carbon management technologies.  

It has worked with over 30 government, university, and research organisations from several countries around the world within the carbon management space.

The NCCC is a unique test bed for third-party developers that bridges the gap between laboratory research and large-scale demonstrations. They provide realistic industrial operating conditions and the infrastructure to evaluate promoting technologies for scale-up and future commercial deployment.  


KC8 and the US Department of Energy 

KC8 is one of only a small number of organisations that are currently working with the NCCC in the US. We are conducting ongoing development work for the DOE through the Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy (ARPA-E) in association with our US partner, 8 Rivers Capital. The aim of the ARPA-E program is to accelerate emerging technologies into commercial solutions faster. 

Funded through the ARPA-E Phase 2 FLExible Carbon Capture and Storage (FLECCS) program, the UNOGAS project is a 5 – 10 tonnes-per-day demonstration of the UNO MK 3 process on natural gas combustion emissions, which also highlights the technologies’ ability to time-shift regeneration. 

Phase 1 of this development work has provided excellent results with Phase 2 looking to be installed at the NCCC in early 2024. We look forward to continuing our work with the DoE, the NCCC and 8 Rivers over the coming months.  


More Information about KC8 

You can learn more about the technology that underpins KC8s capture process on the KC8 website. Stay up to date with key milestones that our business has achieved by following us on LinkedIn, Twitter or signing up to our Mailing List.