KC8 receives highest score in CCS steel industry challenge

Future efforts to decarbonise heavy emitter industries such as the steel industry are going to take global collaboration. It’s a crucial challenge to overcome if the world is going to meet its long term climate goals.

The First Movers Coalition is an initiative seeking to aggregate demand for near-zero emission products and services across some of the world’s most polluting industries. Recently, KC8 Capture Technologies took part in the First Movers Coalition’s near zero steel challenge, a global initiative by the World Economic Forum and Greenhouse.

The First Movers Coalition’s near zero steel challenge

The challenge aimed at identifying which companies will supply final steel products at First Movers’ near-zero emissions thresholds by 2030, which companies seek to buy these steel products and which companies are providing the enabling technologies for highly decarbonised steel products.

There were over 70 submissions to this challenge, including the submission from KC8. An expert evaluating panel was tasked with finding the top innovators based on:

  • Relevance
  • Feasibility
  • Scalability
  • Technology
  • Readiness
  • Impact

KC8 awarded top score in carbon capture challenge entries

The World Economic Forum identified that CCS is a key decarbonisation leaver when it comes to reaching global emission targets. The challenge gave KC8 the highest score within the sector, noting that our technology is retrofittable to large-scale emissions sources.

Our goal is to become a global partner to industries such as the steel industry to be able to provide a clear and affordable pathway to a greener future.

As a top entry, KC8 has also been added to the First Movers Coalition’s First Suppliers Hub database of near-zero emissions final product and value chain suppliers. This allows us to create ongoing connections between demand and supply players across the heavy-emitting sectors.

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