Large Scale Single Stream Contacting Systems

Solvent Absorption – Concrete Column 

Large Scale Single Stream Contacting Systems are a range of configurations that focus on KC8’s proprietary concentric single stream absorption/stripping columns. This design uses a concrete and/or geopolymers as the primary materials of construction for cost and construction time savings.  


There are a number of benefits to these systems, including: 

  • It enables the treatment of a large single streams of flue gas.  
  • Concrete construction enables larger diameters than those available using steel, giving single vessel installation rather than multiple contactor vessel trains. The results are a significantly cheaper overall project cost. 
  • Construction can be complete on-site 
  • Lower cost materials 
  • Cost reduction of up to 50% due to the concentric design, substantially reducing equipment size and footprint for large industrial developments.  
  • Concentric column design that provides superior liquid and gas distribution, resulting in improved absorption and better efficiency.  
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions associated with construction material production due to geopolymer incorporation. 
  • Reduced corrosion potential due to columns built with or without lining as required